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    Dr's Paracord 1Year Anniversary Giveaway!!!


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    Dr's Paracord 1Year Anniversary Giveaway!!!

    Post by Danielle_K on Fri Sep 13, 2013 5:26 pm

    Just wanted to let you all know about this giveaway going on.  This is a husband and wife business and we have just reached our 1 year "Facebook" Anniversary.  We also just hit 1,000 Likes!  

    ********ANNIVERSARY GIVEAWAY!!!!********

    Well you all got us to 1,000 Likes by our Anniversary date and we want to say THANK YOU ALL!!! We have a spectacular giveaway planned for our SUPER FANS!!!

    There will be 5 winners. Yup, F-I-V-E!!!!
    1st Place-will be a double point gun sling. In colors of YOUR choice, max of 4. Made to your length specification.
    2nd Place-A MATCHING Leash AND Collar set. Made to your size and length and with colors of your choice. Collar made with a max of 3 colors and Leash max of 2.
    3rd Place-Self Defense Lanyard (aka Monkey Fist Lanyard)-Max of 2 colors. Please note the ball will be 1 color and the lanyard can be alternating or solid colored but whatever color the ball is that color has to be in the lanyard.
    4th Place-Blaze Bar (aka Quick Release Bracelet) with shackle Max of 1 color.
    5th Place-Shoelace charm bracelet. Your choice of charm with a Max of 3 colors

    1. Like Dr's Paracord
    2. Share this post. (When you share you need to make it "public" so we can see that you shared it)
    3. Comment on this post. And just for fun put the number that you'd like to win (1-5)

    WOW!!! Are YOU ready for this?? The contest will run through 9/17 at noon.

    GO! GO! GO!

    Here is the link for the post.

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    Re: Dr's Paracord 1Year Anniversary Giveaway!!!

    Post by GlockinGirl on Sat Sep 14, 2013 12:15 am

    WOW!! Those look like handy and attractive prizes. I would love to win any and all of them, but my favorite is the rifle sling.
    JRD Shooting Academy
    JRD Shooting Academy

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    Re: Dr's Paracord 1Year Anniversary Giveaway!!!

    Post by JRD Shooting Academy on Sat Sep 14, 2013 7:33 am

    Any of the group would be great - #5 with a St Louis Cardinals tag would be extra great.

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    Re: Dr's Paracord 1Year Anniversary Giveaway!!!

    Post by Sponsored content

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