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    Post by PistolPackinMommy on Thu Aug 29, 2013 4:09 pm

    For those of you from FB you might already know me. My name is Emily & I'm also known as Pistol Packin' Mommy of Jon's Guns & Pistol Packin' Mommy.

    Jon is an FFL & has been since 1989.

    I grew up, not anti-gun, but not exactly around guns a whole lot. When Jon & I started dating over 12yrs ago we went to the range a few times but I didn't really care for it much. It wasn't until I was a few weeks pregnant with our 2nd son & we took my cousin who'd never been shooting before out to the range that something just clicked. I was hooked. Couldn't wait to pop that baby out & get back to the range. Needless to say Jon was thrilled, so much so that for Christmas 2011 he bought me my first firearm. A nice Smith & Wesson .22 target pistol.

    Now I'm not really a girly girl but I suddenly felt the need to accessorize. I was trying to find gun related jewelry & I couldn't find any so one day we both simultaneously had the idea to make some out of empty casings. Of course being a reloader Jon then immediately said no because he could reload. I pointed out that he couldn't reload .22s so I began there. Our next trip to the range I picked up anything & everything which is how I ended up with my 2nd handgun. I picked up some .22 Magnum casings which went just perfect with some beads I had & amazingly Jon did not own a .22 Magnum so he had to find me one lol.

    It wasn't until I became more active in the Firearm community on Facebook that I found I wasn't the only person out there with the idea to make jewelry out of casings but at least I took some comfort in that most of what I stumbled upon was all very different than mine. In an effort to become even more different I came up with the idea to put color in the lettering of the manufacturers stamp. Things soon exploded for me after that.

    We've picked things up even more this last year doing gun shows. I've been selling jewelry wholesale to different businesses & just been having a blast. We enjoy taking our more inexperienced friends with us to the range, letting them try out different firearms.

    I now not only own the S&W .22 semi auto & the .22 combo revolver but I picked up an awesome purple & muddy girl AR-15 in .223 last year & this year managed to acquire a M&P 9C and an XDS 9mm :)I have developed the addiction condition of "you can never have too many firearms" haha.

    We run a small business out of our home through FB, our website, word of mouth & shows. We have 2 small boys ages 4 & 22 months with our 3rd child on the way. I am quite happy that our children will be very well rounded because as I got older my family got more into archery & obviously we're into firearms. We'll be giving our oldest son his first compound bow very soon.

    I also talk a lot & not just because I'm stuck at home with 2 little people all day haha.

    You can find me on facebook at

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    Fondis Firearms
    Fondis Firearms

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    Re: Howdy!!!!!

    Post by Fondis Firearms on Fri Aug 30, 2013 12:20 pm

    Hey Emily,
    Welcome from Fondis, CO! Smile


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    Re: Howdy!!!!!

    Post by "JJ" on Fri Aug 30, 2013 2:55 pm

    Welcome from Texas!

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    Re: Howdy!!!!!

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