Girls of Fire is an organization for women who enjoy firearms and shooting sports, whether it be for the purpose of hunting, entertainment or personal protection. We are dedicated to the education, support and empowerment of women. We are staunchly Pro2A!


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    The Girls of Fire Empowerment Program


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    The Girls of Fire Empowerment Program

    Post by THE GIRL OF FIRE on Fri Aug 30, 2013 12:33 am

    Our mission here at Girls of Fire is to empower women through firearms education, training and certification to meet their personal protection goals. To help us accomplish our mission we have developed a program that will allow us to make those goals a woman at a time.

    With EVERY purchase of Girls of Fire merchandise, a portion of that sale will go directly to the Girls of Fire Empowerment Program. Customers who are also Forum members will be awarded 1 Empowerment point for each dollar that is directed to the program. The exact number of Empowerment points that will be awarded will be clearly stated in the advertisement of that specific item. Empowerment points may also be purchased directly and ALL of the proceeds from the sale of points will go to the Empowerment program.

    Women will be able to apply for assistance through the program to help them acquire training, certifications, concealed pistol licenses or gear required to further their training goals. You will also have the ability to nominate a woman that you feel could benefit from this assistance. Women wishing to be considered MUST be both a fan of our FaceBook page AND a member here at our forum.

    Whenever enough funds have been collected by the program, a woman will be selected and payment will be made to the licensed facility or instructor of her choice. In the case of needed equipment, purchase will be made through a vendor of our choice and equipment will be shipped.

    If you feel that you or a woman you know could benefit from this program please contact us directly for consideration. This program is meant to assist women who may otherwise not have the resources to meet their training goals. We are going on the honor system here and we ask that if it is not a difficulty for you to obtain these things for yourself, please refrain from applying so that the funds can go where they are needed most.
    Fondis Firearms

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    Re: The Girls of Fire Empowerment Program

    Post by Fondis Firearms on Fri Aug 30, 2013 10:03 pm

    This sounds like a very honorable program. What a great idea.

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    Re: The Girls of Fire Empowerment Program

    Post by THE GIRL OF FIRE on Fri Aug 30, 2013 10:37 pm

    Thank you! It is my sincere hope that this program will really take off and we will be able to make a difference for many women.

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    Re: The Girls of Fire Empowerment Program

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