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      My Glock 19


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      My Glock 19 Empty My Glock 19

      Post by ThisOlVet on Mon Aug 26, 2013 11:23 am

      I so hesitate on writing this. To be very honest my Glock19 is the most accurate pistol I have straight out of the box with no modifications. I have made modifications to my Glock19 though, Everything that is extendable I have extended, the takedown lever, the slide release, I put in a heavier spring, a US Army back plate, and I have filled in all the lettering on it with white nail polish so that stands out. I also put some real aggressive tape on the grips. Now it is personalized. I absolutely love it. What is real cool is that all these modifications I did myself without having to take it to a gunsmith. It was very easy to do and very inexpensive as well. My partner hated Glock's. She did not want me to own one. She thought they were unsafe. She thinks that they are ugly. One day we were at the range and I made a few incredible shots. After that I was kind of pushy and talked her into shooting it. She put one hole inside another over and over. It blew her away. Today she is a Glock owner as well and without my encouragement. The thing about owning a Glock is it forces you to be safer than you ever were. You must keep your finger off the trigger. You must always keep the business end pointed at something you are willing to destroy. Keeping your finger off the trigger is one of the most important safety measures you can take as a firearms owner. So all in all I love my Glock it is very safe it will never go off unless I put my finger on the trigger. It is still ugly but, and this is a huge but, I can always depend on it to fire when needed.

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      My Glock 19 Empty Re: My Glock 19

      Post by AlaskaGirl907 on Mon Aug 26, 2013 2:55 pm

      I love my Glock. I own a G26 and its perfect for me to OC or CC. Its so lightweight and small that I can tuck it into my jeans pocket or hoodie pocket when I am just running out and don't want to holster it.  I have smaller hands so trying to find something that felt right was important. I went with the extended magazine and the extended grip. When I was in the market for my everyday carry handgun I was getting pushed into another brand *cough* Ruger LC9 *cough* that I did not want. It just didn't feel right in my hand and honestly I wanted a Glock! I am so glad I kept my original plan and have not at all been disappointed in anyway Smile

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